Since Shane Walters could get into bars he has cutting his musical teeth on the stages of Melbourne-Australia.
Over the last decade, Shane has developed his unmistakable voice and own unique sound as a singer/songwriter. 

Growing into a full band over time, Shane has just finished recording with an array of local and international musicians for his independent debut album “Box Of Birds”. 
The album captures Shane’s dynamic rootsy blues drive sound, whilst keeping the spaces for notes to breath within Shane’s songwriting.

There’s an honestly in Shane’s writing style, something everyone can relate to. 
Shane Walters aims to bring back the balance between music and lyrics that gets lost in modern musics ‘pre-packaged artist’.
Shane's music and writing style varies from peaceful folk rhythms, 'jazzy' finger-picking, alternate tunings and delicate slide guitar. His lyrical inspiration comes from the surrounding world, and life's splendors, stories and tribulations.

Shane spends the majority of his time in performing in Melbourne-Australia, Shane has undertaken solo tours promoting his music across North America & Europe. Playing shows in British Columbia, New York City, Toronto, Montreal, California, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland and Wales. 
Traveling city by city with just his guitars and a bag, independently touring, recording and promoting his music across the globe over the last 8 years. 
As Shane awaits the mixing of his album he shows no sign of slowing down.

Shane released his solo debut Ep ‘Faces’ in September 2006.  
Followed by “Live on PBSfm” in ‘07, featuring Willy Lee on bass and Duncan Yardley on Violin. With 2 bonus tracks ‘It’ & ‘Brooklyn’, recorded in LA in 2007.

 Keep dropping by people's for more dates, new songs and videos. We hope to have a full length DVD of Shane’s travels, live shows, tour adventures, the making of Box Of Birds, all the way through to the album launch.

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Shane Walters & Co.
 & Co.
Willy Lee;                 Bass & Double Bass, Backing Vox
Duncan Yardley;      Violin & Viola 
Brad Viterale;          Keyboard
Kelly O’donohue;     Trumpet
TBC; Drums